The Inspiring Story of Aman Dani

Born healthy, Arman Dani, or commonly known as Aman, touched the hearts of many Malaysians with his story. It begun in March 2014, when his family received a devastating news that Aman, aged three at the time, was diagnosed with a type of cancer that is rare in Malaysia - Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL).

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, or Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) is a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow, the spongy tissue inside bones where blood cells are made. The word ‘acute’ in Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia comes from the fact that the disease spreads rapidly and creates immature blood cells, rather than mature ones. Whereas, Lymphocytic refers to the white blood cells called Lymphocytes, which ALL affects.

It is said to be the most common type of cancer in c, and treatment can result in a good chance of a cure. Without treatment, it can be fatal within a few months. ALL invades the blood and can spread throughout the body to other organs, such as the liver, spleen, and lymph nodes. It also produces tumours as with most types of cancer.

The Inspiring Story of Aman Dani

His story was told by his own mother through her Instagram account @Molie Arie, and also from the mother’s best friend’s blog ( In April last year, Aman’s mother posted her first public post about her son’s condition, writing: "Dear all, our son has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 4 weeks ago. He is now undergoing 5 intensive weeks of chemotherapy treatment (total of 2 years of treatment). I really appreciate the ‘doas’ and prayers from all of you for our one and only child to be healthy again. ‘InsyaAllah’. Our heartiest thank you for all your support, advice, and everything."

On Apr 10, 2014, she continued to share her son’s struggle, writing: "Last few days was very tough for us, especially for Aman. He vomited blood and sent to ICU. He lost a large amount of blood and keep on bleeding. It really breaks our heart to see him like that - he was pale, eyes were sunken. More platelets and blood were transfused to him to stop the bleeding and to replace the lost one, but he still vomited blood. The doctor managed to stop the bleeding. It has been 24 hours post operation and ‘Alhamdulillah’, Aman is doing fine. He started to drink some plain water and mommy’s milk of course. Once Aman is stable, we can continue with the chemotherapy again. Don’t give up easily, my dear. We know that you are born a fighter, a hero. ‘Alhamdulillah’. We love you so much, Aman!"

The Inspiring Story of Aman Dani

According to ‘Bicara Hati' blog, Aman needed blood donation from men with O+ blood type. Through their social media postings, friends and even strangers offered their words of support and came forward to donate blood to the poor child. Later that day, Aman’s condition stabilized and he continued with his chemotherapy treatment.

Despite the massive amount of blood donated to him, it was still not enough to keep him going in the long term. After one of his operations, his mother took to Instagram, sharing a picture of her son with the caption: "I pray to Allah that Aman will never have to go through this scary episode again. Aman, keep fighting saying. We know you’ve been through a lot, this is your 5thtime in the operation theatre (OT). Please don’t be afraid as mommy and baba will always be by your side. ‘InsyaAllah’, you will grow up with a very strong character. Love you, son."

Sadly, a year after, Aman left us on the 16th of May. The family thanked all who helped in the process of looking for blood supply for their child, to the donors, to those who sent their prayers for Aman, and the rest who gave tremendous support and advice to the family.


The Inspiring Story of Aman Dani

With a sad story about Arman Dani, we hope the citizens of Malaysia will realise the importance of donating blood. For such a small gesture, you can drastically improve the condition of another human being, or in Aman’s case, an innocent child. As the saying goes, "blood donation will cost you nothing but it is so powerful that it helps to save lives." Do your part today.



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